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Are you thinking of travelling abroad anytime soon? Things have changed dramatically with the emergence of Covid-19. We are seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases across the world as we approach the winter. The so-called second wave of Covid-19 is upon us. When you go through your travel essentials checklist, make sure that you don’t forget to check if you need to do the Covid-19 antigen PCR test and have the Fit for travel certificate. We offer the Covid-19 antigen PCR test and certificate service at Dedham Pharmacy in Colchester.

How much does the Covid-19 antigen PCR test cost?

The Covid-19 PCR test with the certificate costs £99 per kit at Dedham pharmacy in Colchester. The price includes everything you need to complete the test and acquire a certificate.

Who is the provider of the test kits and the lab facilities?

Our Covid-19 antigen PCR test kits are provided by Randox Health which is one of the leading providers of medical testing kits. The Randox Health testing kits are currently used by the UK government as part of their Covid-19 testing programme. However, you need to check if the airline or the country you are travelling to accepts this test. As the situation develops, the requirements are changing so you need to check with relevant organisations.

Why do I need to do the Covid-19 antigen PCR test?

Many airlines and countries are asking travellers to have the Covid-19 PCR test, also known as fit for travel test, done and present a certificate. You need to check with your airline and the requirement for the country that you are travelling to if they require a Covid-19 PCR test. The aviation industry and countries across the globe are trying to protect their staff and their public from Covid-19 by limiting the spread of coronavirus. The Covid-19 antigen test shows if an individual is currently infected with the coronavirus. By only allowing those individuals with a negative Covid-19 antigen test, airlines and countries around the world are trying to prevent outbreaks of coronavirus.

How does the Covid-19 PCR test service work?

You can get the Covid-19 PCR test Kit from Dedham Pharmacy in Colchester. One of our pharmacy team will have a short consultation with you to ensure that the test is suitable before you purchase it. You can have the swab taken in the pharmacy or alternatively, you can take the test kit home and follow the instructions enclosed. Once you have taken the sample, you will need to send it to the lab. The lab will analyse your swab sample and the entire process is usually completed within 72 hours. There might be delays in some cases due to a number of factors affecting the process. Your results will be emailed to you with the certificate. You will need to provide your passport number as this will be needed for your certifcate.

Service Disclaimer

PCR testing Service

The following disclaimer applies in pharmacy testing

In store Test

In the majority of scenarios we anticipate no problems from the in store service and services provided by our partners Randox Laboratories, however, occasionally situations outside of our control, like the post or lab issues may arise. This is particularly true around bank holidays like Christmas and New Year.

Terms and conditions

Dedham Pharmacy will not be held liable for losses, costs, damage that you suffer or incur as a result of any delays in receiving test results or as a result of inconclusive test results.

Dedham Pharmacy will not be held liable for losses, costs, damage that you suffer or incur as a result of receiving a positive test result (including, if you are unable to travel as a result of testing positive).