Corporate Hepatitis B Vaccine

Our pharmacists at Dedham pharmacy are accustomed to providing Corporate Hepatitis B Vaccine Service. Our Corporate Hepatitis B Service offers complete protection to you and your employees against Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B can’t be taken lightly as it is a killer viral disease that causes severe lever disease. This viral infection spreads through blood and other bodily fluids. Common symptoms are yellowing of skin (jaundice), high temperature, diarrhea, appetite loss and stomachache. Vaccination is the best protection against Hepatitis B and one needs to complete vaccination course and get booster doses for complete protection. Anybody who is at risk of exposure to blood or bodily fluids at work needs protection against Hepatitis B mandatorily. Our Corporate Hepatitis B Vaccine program consists of three injections over six months. An accelerated course ending in two months is available too.