Everything You Need to Know About Period Delay Medications

Periods can sometimes be inconvenient, especially if they coincide with special events or travel plans. Fortunately, there are medications available that can help delay your period. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of period delay medications, how they work, and provide some useful tips. Types of Period Delay Medications There are […]

Where To Get Travel Vaccines In Colchester Before Visiting India

We all know that travelling is exciting, yet it also comes with potential health risks that you should be aware of. That being said, getting essential travel vaccines is advisable if you’re travelling to India. Since vaccinations often take effect within a week, we suggest visiting our travel clinic at least 4 – 6 weeks […]

Got Travel Plans To Africa? Get Your Vaccines In Colchester

Travel to Africa Vaccines Colchester

Every country in Africa offers exciting adventures, from Tanzania, Kenya and Namibia to Morocco. However, to ensure health safety during your travel, it is vital to keep track of all travel vaccines beforehand. Those in need of travel vaccines for Africa in Colchester can schedule a visit at our clinic.   What travel vaccines do […]

A Travel Guide For Dubai – Vaccines, Antimalarials, & More

Antimalarials Colchester

Are you planning to visit Dubai over the winter period? If so, Dubai is a promising tourist destination rich with culture, exciting adventures and cutting-edge architecture. However, before your visit, you should be up-to-date on all relevant medical assessments to ensure the safety of your health. For all the vaccinations you require, along with antimalarials […]

What Vaccinations Do I Need to Travel to Vietnam?

  It’s important to be aware of certain diseases if you’re travelling to Vietnam soon. Your doctor or pharmacist could advise getting more vaccines in addition to the childhood immunisation schedule. Continue reading to find out more about getting travel to Vietnam vaccines in Colchester.   What travel to Vietnam vaccines do I need?   […]

What Vaccinations Do You Need to Travel to Thailand?

There are a few safety measures that should be followed when travelling to Thailand or South East Asia as a whole in order to avoid illnesses and other risks. Some immunisations for Thailand are recommended, while others may be required under specific conditions. It’s critical to understand whatever jabs?or vaccines you need for Thailand before […]

What is the HPV vaccine?

HPV vaccine in Colchester

    Have you had your HPV vaccine in Colchester yet?   Here at Colchester Travel Clinic, we believe in ensuring that you are protected wherever you go. That’s why we are more than just travel vaccinations – we also provide women’s health services and treatments, such as the HPV vaccine in Colchester.     […]